Comic Emporium is Panama City, Florida's premiere source for comics, games and collectibles. Our enormous selection includes all the hottest new comic titles with complimentary bags & boards. We have over 15,000 back issues for .99 cents each and used books are only 1.99. We carry all the latest fan gear including shirts, posters, statues and toys and special orders are always No Problem! Our Pull & Hold subscription service allows you to earn up to 25% off all your comic purchases and guarantees you'll never miss an issue!

Got Game? Comic Emporium does! Whether you're a cardflopper or mini geek, veteran or noob, you'll find it all at Comic Emporium including all the latest releases from Wizards of the Coast, Upper Deck, Games Workshop, White Wolf, and Wizkids. We also carry a full line of accessories and supplies from Chessex Dice, Citadel Paint, Ultra Pro and Max Protection. Comic Emporium offers our players a comfortable, family-friendly gaming environment with over 1500 square feet of tables and weekly events for Magic the Gathering, Warhammer, and Dungeons & Dragons. The gaming areas are always open with never a cover charge and trading is encouraged. We'll even teach you how to play!

CCG's - Magic the Gathering, Pok'emon, Yu-gi-oh, World of Warcaft - Comic Emporium offers discounted prices on card singles, packs, and boxes. Over 50,000 MtG singles to browse through, and YES we buy! DCI sanctioned Magic Tournaments are every Friday and Saturday night at 7pm. Entry is always free except for special sealed deck and booster draft tournaments. Comic Emporium hosts Friday Night Magic with special FNM foil cards and free packs awarded to the top finishers and random players. Saturday night we host a variety of formats from Vintage to Two-Headed Giant with packs and other surprises for the winners and randoms.

MINI's - Comic Emporium's Warhammer selection is the largest in the area and special orders are of course, NO PROBLEM! Join the GW crew every Saturday morning at 10am for Warhammer Fantasy, 40K, and Lord of the Rings. Spectators are always welcome or bring your army and join the fray!

RPG's - D&D 4E, Pathfinder, World of Darkness, Paranoia, Zombies, Mutants & Masterminds - Discover the games that started it all! Comic Emporium offers seperate "quiet" gaming areas for our roleplayers. Join an existing campaign or start your own. Our guestbook and Facebook group are the places to find players.

Still have a question? Check out our FAQ page or our Calendar for upcoming events and tournament formats or give Greg a call at (850) 769-2690. You can also join us on Facebook! Better yet, come on in and meet your friends at Comic Emporium:

Where you're never too old to Play!

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Rick Spedale Standard 11/21
Tournament Winner 1 Pic
Rob Campbell FNM Commander 11/20
Tournament Winner 2 Pic
Adrian & Chris 2HG Draft 11/14
Tournament Winner 3 Pic
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