Comic Emporium FAQ

Q.  Isn’t all this stuff for geeks?

A. Yes.

Q.  So what’s a geek?

A. Typically a geek is a person of above average intelligence who isn’t content with mundane entertainments. Geeks account for about 10% of society and 99% of upper management. I personally believe that the other 90% of society are lying closet geeks based on the current total net earnings of the Harry Potter and LotR franchises. So embrace your inner geek and tell the world “I will one day employee you!”

Q.  Do you buy collectible whatsits?

A.  We occasionally buy back issues of comics and good Magic rares. We do not offer consignments at this time. For Magic rares we pay 60% of the value in trade or 40% in cash. Anything else of interest please bring it by, we would love to see your stuff! Please no Beanie Babies, NASCAR Collectible Plates, or Pet Rocks….

Q.  How do I know how much my stuff is worth?

A.  Search eBay “Completed Auctions” and see what the last one sold for. This is exactly how much your Pet Rock is worth.

Q. Can I sell or trade my stuff to other players?

A.  The Florida Department of Revenue requires that we collect sales tax on all cash transactions within the store. However, players are welcome to trade their stuff within the gaming areas at no charge.

Q.  I only read “The Mind-Boggling Spider-Guy,” will you hold a copy for me?

A.  Yes! There is no minimum on our pull & hold service. Just tell us which titles you read and we will “pull & hold” them for you. We only ask that you pick up your comics at least once a month. A two month deposit is required and this amount is credited towards your purchases after 1 year.

Q.  Do you do special orders?

A.  Yes! Special orders are no hassle. If it is currently in print, we can usually get it for you in less than a week. Orders over $25 require a 50% deposit and all special orders and held comics must be picked up within 30 days.

Q.  I am a total noob at this game, will I get totally Pwn3d ?

A.  Probably, but you will have fun doing it. None of our guys are “power players” looking to bathe their egos in noobie blood. In fact, some of our best players have been playing for less than a year. At Comic Emporium its all about the game and spending a few hours having fun with a great bunch of geeks just like you. While we do recognize our winners we also reward random door prizes. Our regulars are happy to teach you, update you, or make suggestions to improve your game. So whether you’re a complete scrub or used-to-play-old-schooler – BRING IT! Its the most fun you’ll have getting your face smashed in.

Q.  Do you charge anything to play?

A.  At Comic Emporium there is never a cover charge and the only time we charge an entry fee is for certain tournaments which require the purchase of product in order to participate, i.e. Booster Drafts and Sealed Decks. The entry fee is always the cost of the product only and is sometimes discounted below this. The gaming areas are always available for anything you want to play at no charge.

Q.  Can I place a link to my blog on your website?

A.  If you’re a local with an interesting site, we’d love to add you, space permitting. In addition, we are always looking for folks to handle news, reviews, and tournament reports, etc. If you are interested, write us at or call Greg at (850) 769-2690.

Q.  Gosh you live the good life, hanging out in a comic shop all day and raking in the bucks! How do I go about opening my own shop?

A.  First of all you have to be willing to give up a few luxuries in life like minimum wage, paid overtime, paid vacations, insurance, retirement, a social life, family, and a good deal of self respect. Secondly you must be able to survive for months on zero income (A taste for ramen noodles comes in handy here). The right attitude is important; preferably you are lazy and whine a lot making it virtually impossible to hold down a real job. You must be self-reliant  and enjoy your own company because your family and friends will begin avoiding you after you’ve borrowed their last nickel. Owing to the fact that you are lazy and whine a lot and are unable to hold down a real job for any length of time, it is highly unlikely that your credit score is adequate to secure the $75,000 – $100,000 needed to keep your shop open for those first 3 or 4 years. Therefore it is absolutely necessary to find a nice couple of geeks (albeit with a respectable amount of credit available) who are crazy … er, motivated enough to jump into a sinking ship with you and start bailing. If you meet all of these criteria, then in no time at all you should be enjoying the sweet fruits of entrepreneurship: toilet and ashtray cleaning, 80+ hour work weeks for $2.20 per hour, dealing with publishers, distributors, and shippers who have dedicated their lives and careers to putting you out of business, cleaning bootleg pizza out of the carpet (smuggled in under a spider-man hoodie because outside food is strictly forbidden), and countless hours of listening to other geeks talk about their D&D characters. If you are fortunate and blessed enough to find yourself still pursuing this madness after 12 years, then get down on your knees and thank God and your customers for keeping the lights on and the doors open and for allowing you to enjoy what is honestly and quite seriously, the best job in the world. Thank you, guys :)