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(1107) XryBubble
Tue, July 23. - 02:25:15 PM

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(1106) JohnnyDeps
Sat, June 29. - 11:17:48 AM

Hi all!

I want to buy the XRumer 7.7.47 Elite, its the best software for mass posting on forums, blogs and social networks.
Yep, its breaks all captchas automatically, included questions like "2+2=?" and "What is the capital of UK?", etc.

So... Anybody have this program? Maybe some discount?
Just PM to me, or write to my Skype JohnnyDeps.

See you!
(1105) sleercisk
Tue, April 23. - 11:22:24 PM

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(1104) nanniplebilia
Tue, February 12. - 10:00:14 PM

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(1103) Lakeisha
Fri, December 14. - 03:44:35 AM

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