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NETDEX Nov 6th – 8th, 2009

Monday, November 9th, 2009

NETDEX Features this week’s Magic the Gathering Tournament Results and our Spotlight Deck List.

It was another exciting weekend here at Comic Emporium with some new faces joining the regular cast of irregulars. A special shoutout to Krys Hutchings and Christian Patterson – Welcome to the CE Family!

This Week’s MtG Tournament Results:

Date: Friday November 6
Format: Friday Night Magic Booster Draft
Number of Players: 21
Final: Michael Richardson vs Barton Lazaro
Winner: Barton Lazaro 2-0
Prize Payout:
1st: 5x Booster Packs, FNM Foil Oblivion Ring
2nd: 3x Booster Packs, FNM Foil Oblivion Ring
Randoms: 2x FNM Foil Oblivion Ring, Assorted DCI Foil Promo Cards

Date: Saturday November 7
Format: Standard
Number of Players: 17
Final: Jermaine Barbour vs Drew Baldy
Winner: Drew Baldy 2-0
Prize Payout:
1st: 4x Booster Packs
2nd: 3x Booster Packs
Randoms: Assorted DCI Foil Promo Cards

Sunday November 8
Format: Legacy
Number of Players: 15
Final: Billy Rice vs Michael Richardson
Winner: Michael Richardson 2-1
Prize Payout:
1st: 3x Booster Packs
2nd: 2x Booster Packs
Randoms: Assorted DCI Foil Promo Cards

Mad love to all our players and Gratz to our winners!

Here is this week’s Spotlight Deck:

Date: November 7, 2009
Format: Standard
Players: 17
Winner: Drew Baldy

Deck: The LA Lakers

Ranger of Ios x4
Bloodbraid Elf x4
Goblin Guide x4
Goblin Bushwhacker x3
Scute Mob x4
Woolly Thoctar x3
Wild Nacatl x4

Lightning Bolt x4
Naya Charm x2
Path to Exile x4

Rootbound Crag x3
Sunpetal Grove x3
Arid Mesa x4
Forest x4
Mountain x5
Plains x5

Burst Lightning x4
Oblivion Ring x4
Punishing Fire x4
Qasali Pridemage

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