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Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Preordering and preregistering begins Friday, January 15th at 10am. Promo Cards are awarded on a first come/first served basis. Sign up NOW!


Preroder price: $94.99
$25 Deposit reserves your box
The first 20 people to preorder a Worldwake Booster Box will receive one FREE Celestial Colonnade Foil Promo Card. Limit ONE foil promo card per customer.

Celestial Colonnade

Limit ONE per customer


Entry for each prerelease tourny is $24 or preregister for both events for only $40!

Prerelease 1
Saturday January 30th 7pm
Sealed Deck (WWK x3 – ZEN x3)
$24 Entry

Prerelease 2
Sunday January 31st 3pm
Sealed Deck (WWK x3 – ZEN x3)
$24 Entry

Prize Payout per Tourny:
1st: 1 Worldwake Booster Box (36 packs)
2nd: 18 Worldwake Booster Packs
PLUS: A minimum of 18 Worldwake booster packs will be awarded to the Top 8 and Randoms
AND: The first 36 registered players in each prerelease will receive one FREE Comet Storm foil promo card.

Comet Storm

Prerelease Foil Promo


Prize Payout for each Launch Party event will be based on participation with a minimum of 1 full booster box of Worldwake being divided amongst 1st, 2nd, Top 8, and Random winners in each Booster Draft.

Midnite Madness Draft
Friday Feb 5th 12:05am (Thursday Night)
Booster Draft (WWK-WWK-ZEN)
$12 Entry

FNM Draft
Friday Feb 5th 7pm
Booster Draft (WWK-WWK-ZEN)
$12 Entry

Mini Master Flights
Saturday Feb 6th 2pm
$4 per round/Pay-as-you-go

Worldwake Launch Party
Saturday Feb 6th 7pm
Booster Draft (WWK-WWK-ZEN)
$12 Entry
The first 36 registered players will receive one FREE Joraga Warcaller foil promo card.

Joraga Warcaller

Launch Party Foil Promo

Worldwake Inaugural Standard
Sunday Feb 7th 2PM
FREE Entry

Sign up for all 5 Launch Party Events for only $35 and your first round of Mini Masters is FREE!
Don’t miss these awesome events and your chance to score some uber-sweet promos. See you there!

!!! BRING IT !!!