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Alara Reborn Midnight Magic Draft

Thursday, April 30th, 2009



Comic Emporium April 29, Midnight.

I am awakened from my slumber by a disturbance outside my door. I lie awake in dread, telling myself “No no, it is too soon, surely this hour is not upon me.” but knowing this is a vain hope full of lies. I rise from my bed and look upon it with regret and longing and go to meet the fate that is too soon come.

Through the glass I see shadows, mishapen, inhuman. They gallop and prance in hellish delight at my approach. I hesitate, the key poised before the lock but knowing my will is not my own and my motions preordained. In final submission I throw open the door and embrace the night. I even manage a smile as the creatures rush to overcome me and I am again one with them.

Comic Emporium’s Alara Reborn Launch Party kicked off Wednesday night with 23 creatures of the night abandoning their shadowy lairs to participate in the Alara Reborn Midnight Magic Booster Draft.


After 8 hours of grueling card-flopping, it was Kenny Sheffield and Jermaine Barbour in the final with Jermaine taking the win 2-1.

Thanks to all the players/crazy people who endured dangerous levels of sleep deprivation to make our Midnight Magic event a great start to our Launch Party weekend!

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